Do I need a website if I sell a service rather than a product?

Web Designs For Service Businesses

HairdesserWhether you are a hairdresser, lawyer, doctor, surveyor, plumber, dog groomer, electrician, cleaner, or web designer, your web design should not only help answer your future clients questions, but also be a place to show off your wears.  WordPress is a great place to start, as it has the power to add almost any kind of functionality to your website.  If you have a hairdressing salon, you may wish to add a booking system to your website.  This can be used by the public and also in the salon itself, to book customers appointments.  Using just one electronic booking system that everyone in the business can see, including the customer can make forward planning a whole lot easier.

Get My Customers To Give Me Feedback

You probably have plenty of customers that you have a great relationship with, who would gladly recommend your business to others.  Having a part on your website to publish testimonials is a great idea.  If you register your business with google then it will also appear on google maps and be available for google reviews.  The more transparent your website is, often customers will trust you more as a business.  If you are a dog groomer for instance, I do not suggest you attach an audio file of a dog barking though.  Lots of pictures of cute dogs being groomed will do the job nicely.

How Do I Describe My Service?

Again, this is where you can use your customers.  Often your customers will tell you things they loved about the job you did.  Well, a good idea is to keep a notebook handy and record these gems for later.  For instance if you build decks, ask if you can take a photo when it’s finished to put on your website.  If its an especially difficult deck on 3 different levels and winds around the corner of a house, then all the better.  If customers can see that you are capable of solving tricky problems to get a good result, then they will be more likely to use you.


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