How can I re-assure my customers my website is safe?

Making Your Website Safe

Security CamerasIf you look in the address bar ( where the URL of our website is in your browser ) you will see a padlock.  If you click on the padlock a new window will come up telling you this website is secure.  This is because it has installed on it at Secure Layer Socket certificate or SSL.  Any information gathered from this website on forms etc, is encrypted prior to it being stored in our database.  That ensures that your information such as address, phone number and any else personal that has been supplied, is safe from prying eyes.  This is absolutely mandatory for all sites now and especially eCommerce sites where credit card information is sometimes captured for later processing (Offline Credit Card Transactions).  If you are browsing a website, make sure you look at the address bar always.  It is always good to have a page on your website dedicated to information about how secure your site is.

How Do I Get An SSL Certificate?

At Torbay Web Design, all the websites we design will have an SSL certificate.  When we help you set up hosting, we will find you a hosting company that includes this in their hosting configuration.

SSL CertificateIt will normally take 24 to 48 hours for your website to be set up properly by your hosting company.  Once the software has been installed that you intend to use, the first thing that we do before we make your site live, is to check it is secure.  If you want to see this in action then ask us.  We will then show you your websites database and how it stores encrypted information.  The reason I say this is because we want everything we do to be transparent.  So during the design phase of your website, feel free to ask us any questions and we will be glad to answer all of them.



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