How long will it take to build my web design?

How Long Will My Web Design Take?

About Time - Torbay Web DesignThis is the six million dollar question really. The good news is that it is possible to have a web design up and running inside a week or less.  If you choose a small design company your chances of getting a site up and running quickly are highly likely.  If you are starting from scratch a new domain name and hosting, should be able to accept software uploads within 24 hours.  Most hosting companies will provide a temporary IP address until the name servers for the domain have been resolved.  This means your web designer can get busy straight away. There are a few things you can do in preparation to speed up the process.

What Preparation Work Should I Do?

  1. If you are wanting to start an online selling web design then having documentation of all your products prices, descriptions, sizes and colour options as well as web ready images will speed things up.  Your web designer will give your the option of loading products yourself  ( which is a great way to get used to your websites admin function) or they can load them for you. Loading yourself will save you heaps of money by the way.
  2. Have a firm idea of what you want as your domain name ( you should seek advice from your web designer and also google ideas to make sure your domain name hasn’t been taken) and what your expectations are from your web design.
  3. If you are a professional service business, then have ready documents that spell out your service.  Hours of opening, options available to clients, payment options, who your team is and their back ground etc.  The more you can hand over to you web designer either in document form or preferably in electronic form, the sooner they can populate your site.
  4. Give your web designer prior to making any decisions an overview of your business, it’s history and long term goals.  Part of out job as web designers is to future proof your web design to handle your long term visions.

COVID-19 Affected Businesses

If you want to get up and running quickly so that you can sell your product online to not only your local community, but also to the rest of New Zealand, then talk to us about your needs.  We have extended payment options and also preferential building times, so that you can start trading within a week.

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