How Much Is My Web Design Cost Going To Be?

On Going Web Design Costs

Web Hosting:

Web Hosting - Torbay Web Design

There are two on going main web design costs that you will pay to a third party. You can run your own server, but quite frankly the cost of maintaining it would not be worth it.  The web hosting will be your main cost.  This is the cost of running and storing your website software on a private or shared server.  The cost will depend on the size of your site, the amount of traffic that it services daily and the type of software it is running.  Typically most web designs will be eCommerce or WordPress sites.   These can run on shared Linux servers  at a yearly cost of somewhere between $100 and $150.  They will usually include a free SSL certificate to encrypt any data that is sent and stored to your website (Customer data such as name, address, phone number etc).  A website that utilises this will begin with https instead of http.  To the left of the domain name in the address bar of the browser you will also see a little image of a padlock.

Domain Name Cost:

Domain Name - Torbay Web DesignWhen choosing a domain name try to incorporate the name of your business or the purpose of your business in the domain name.  Unless you intend to market your goods and services globally, then the suffix .nz or is the best idea.  The .nz suffix lets customers know your affiliation is with New Zealand and in general makes your domain name shorter (ie ).  It is referred to as a Top Level Domain name.  In order to specify the type of business you are, you could use a Second Level Domain name (, or etc). Some Second Level Domain names are moderated and you will have to prove entitlement.  For instance .org is reserved for not-for-profit organisations and .govt is reserved for organisations belonging to the New Zealand Government.  Your web design company will help you decide, but in general simple, short, relevant and easy to remember is best.  Domain name registration is usually registered yearly, but some companies off deals when registering for 3 or 5 years.  Yearly cost can vary from $25 to $40 per year.  Hosting and domain registration combined will generally cost you about $200 per year and is better if it is done with the same company.

Administration Costs:

Office administration- torbay web designWith most web designs you will have a “front end” (what the world and your customers see and use) and a “back end”, which controls how your website looks and all of its content.  Incoming orders will also appear here, but will firstly come to a designated email address. It is good practice to have at least 2 people in your business who are capable of maintaining your website from the back end.  They will add, change and delete products, images, pricing and a whole host of other tasks as well.  Generally the skill level will be that of MS Word –  in other words, if they are proficient at MS Word, after training they will be able to run your website.  This means that you will NOT have to run to your web designer for every change you want to make, thus keeping your administration costs very low and typically an in house cost only. We run a full training session for all admin staff as part of your web design and provide you with access to a comprehensive online manual as well.

One Off Costs:

This is the cost of the web design build itself.  This can start form $500 and go upwards from there.  It depends on whether it’s an eCommerce site or no, whether you want the products added for you, or in some cases photography done as well.  What ever the initial cost of the build is, a quote will be given in advance and 2 months of free support will go with every build.  This is really because we never remember to ask all the questions and sometimes it’s just a little easier if you know someone is there 7 days a week to talk to.

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