Open 24/7 Businesses

Regardless of what country you live in, at some stage you have been in lock-down in the first six months of 2020.  Many of the businesses that survived had the ability for their customers to continue to purchase their products, as long as they could arrange contact less delivery or pick up.  The ability for a business, that has product to sell, to be open 24/7 is more important than ever and not just for global pandemics.  Below are the main reasons for people to shop online……

  • Convenience of avoiding crowds
  • No pressure browsing of products
  • Take advantage of specials before they run out
  • Lock-downs
  • Save time on shopping
  • Living in rural areas away from shops –  save money on travel
  • More likely to make the right purchasing decision 

I’m sure there are many other reasons as well for online purchases.  The one thing that we often get told by retailers in particular is that they ended up getting a website because too many customers were asking “Do you have a website”.  There are many customers who enjoy browsing different shops over a  cup of coffee in the evenings. As I get more time I will post more articles that deal directly with success stories, web design trends, customer demands and trends and business expectations.  Up and coming topics will include….

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