What can I expect from my website?

Instant crowds, sales worth 10’s of thousands of dollars and expansion plans maybe possible outcomes from adding a website to your business.  In general though if your business is doing reasonably well, then with the addition of an online sales capable website, will increase your business.  Unfortunately though, if your business is failing, a website will rarely save it.  A website is however, like a treasured family pet.  You have to look after it and keep it healthy. Here’s what you can expect to be doing…….

  • Making regular video content to support the utility of your product
  • Introducing new products regularly
  • Have live feeds on your website from your social media sites
  • Anticipate demand in advance and promote accordingly
  • Seek feedback from your customers about your site
  • Give your customers reasons to visit your site regularly
  • Make sure you have a notification mechanism to announce calls to action
  • Ensure your site works well on phones, tablets and laptops

Some of these ideas will seem obvious, some a little obscure and others downright baffling.  The plain truth is though, that at the very least. successful websites out there will be doing all of the above and probably be working on other projects as well.  To be in contact with your customers regularly you will need to use some form of social media, so before you think about a website try to ensure your website domain name, Instagram name, you tube channel name can all be the same.  Also start getting some content up there as soon as possible.

Your website expectations are important, so talk to other business owners as well to see what worked for them.  It is also a good idea to have one or two members of your team focused on your website to maintain it and check for incoming orders etc.  A good web design company will run a training course for all admin users upon completion to ensure continuity.  The content you put on your website is very important so don’t forget to read our post on that.

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