What content should I put on my website?

Web Design has changed dramatically over the years and this is because customers are wanting a more thorough and educational as well as entertaining experience.  Its not just pictures and lists of products and prices anymore that makes a good eCommerce web design.  If I asked you today to make a video about your website today, the first piece of advice I would give you is DO NOT try to sell your product.

Most people are sick of adverts, sick of promotions and basically sick of anyone trying to convince them they should buy something.  This is usually from saturation or from the customer constantly ending up with the wrong product.  Your job, in a light hearted way, is to educate your audience and exactly match their needs with the right product.

Here are a few pointers………..lets imagine you sell potato peelers

  • You have 8 different models, show them all off
  • Stress the differences between each one  –  “If you often get muscular soreness or arthritis in your hands try either of these three models where the cutting blade is at right angles to the surface and that have bigger handles making them easier to grip”
  • Identify groups of people who especially would benefit from using particular models “Using a model with a ceramic cutting edge is great for people on blood thinners as it’s nearly impossible to cut yourself”
  • Show the action required with each model in your video and choose common vegetables so that it has more universal appeal

Demonstrating your knowledge and matching the products benefits with the right person is 80% of the sale.  Running specials and telling people how much money they are saving is usually going to end up with the customer getting the wrong product and you as a business making  lower margin.  I recently came a cross a business that sold nothing but back packs.  Their you Tube video was simply a person demonstrating how to load a back pack from scratch, so you would be able to access more of what you would need more conveniently while hiking.  Not only was I impressed by the organisation, I was utterly sold on the back pack, even though I don’t hike.

When you look at the posts on this website,  you will see very little if any advertising or promotion of our web design.  There will be some feature designs we have made, but in general our site is here to help you produce a product that will help your business.  We know where the bad turns are and we also see many successes.  Our job, is to share all the good stuff with our customers.  Think of that as being your content, sharing the good stuff with your customers.

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